FAQ About our Villages

Yes, but it depends on the village. Some of our villages are exclusive to ECLIPSE Cottages. However, many offer various options that we are a dealer for, and some you can bring your own home. Explore each village for more information or contact us and we can help.
We will have the site ready for you, but otherwise it’s up to you. If you need help finding contractors we can get you some contacts when that time comes.
Yes, but it depends on the village. Some villages do not allow rentals, while others it’s encouraged. Explore each village for more information or contact us and we can help. Please keep in mind that in order to maintain a high level of service and a quality experience, if you are renting in one of our villages we do require you to use our in house rental management.

When we sell you a home we will price it out for for it to be move in ready. Getting it here, connected, pinned & skirted, appliances checked, etc. You may or may not need to buy appliances depending on your home and selections, and you will be responsible for your own furniture, etc.

Our lots are currently available only for lease. The lease is $480/month which includes power, water, sewer, trash, land taxes, lot maintenance & community amenities. To reserve a lot in any of our communities it is $975, which includes the first months rent and a security deposit.

Financing is similar to a mortgage but a little different. Usually you’ll need 10-20% down payment at a minimum, and they will finance for up to 23 years. We’d be happy to connect you to some lenders when you’re ready for that.

At this time, we are only building our models within our communities.

The short answer is: nothing, we are tiny homes. The longer answer is that “Tiny Homes” is a vague term used to describe any living structure that is under 400 sq. ft. So a 401 sq. ft. home would technically NOT be a tiny home. Within the definition of tiny homes there are various options: THOWS, Park Models, Containers, Conversions, Modular, Manufactured, Stick Built, etc. Our cottages are currently offered only as Park Models. Park Models meet ANSI 119.5 codes.
The short answer: technology. The longer answer is that we include over 5kw of solar on every home, and an insane level of insulation that is 4x greater than what residential building code requires. Making your home uber efficient. Add in some off grid options and you’re ready to go.

Yes! We include Dog Parks in our communities too! Although we love all fur babies, we do have limits to the number and breeds of pets allowed on our leased lots due to space restrictions and health & safety reasons. The policies are different for each community, so please check the Rules & Regulations for each. We do require that each pet has a full current vaccination record and rabies shots. Pets are typically approved unless the breed is on the uninsurable list or goes against city/county ordinances. 

Creek Walk: 2 Dog or 2 Cats

Mountain Grove: 2 Dogs or 2 Cats

Community Center Rules & Regulations

Community Center 2022

Please submit this form for approval by Management before implementing or constructing any improvements on your leased lot.

Architectural Review Form